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Exhibition opening: Consciousness


Angelica Stephanie Boehm


Wednesday March 13, 2013 at 8 p.m

Art Forum Ebendorf Raumacht

Ebendorferstr. 8, 1010 Vienna


Introduction: Prof Gunter Damisch

Duration of exhibition: Attention! Only until April 16, 2013!

13.3.2013 – 16.04.2013

Opening times: Mon to Fri from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m



The exhibition "Consciousness" shows the latest works by the artist Angelika Stephanie Böhm. In her work, she concentrates on people and what moves them. Intimate snapshots of people allow the viewer to look into their emotional world.

A new awareness of reality arises: the artist tells of fantastic worlds, disembodied heads and talking fish.

Sleeping and waking are not mutually exclusive states.
(Cf. Mahowald 2009: 159-160)

Dream and reality mix. One might suspect that the boundary between realities may well be smaller than previously thought.

It can even happen that the motifs leave their original pictorial space and, for example, feel their way into the room with cotton threads.

Intense colors and a lively style on canvas and wood transform the subconscious into consciousness.


Alexander Kerschner (co-founder of BöKe collective)


Mahowald, Mark W. (2009):
What state dissociation can teach us about consciousness and the function of sleep.
sleep medicine. Volume 10 February. Issue 2. 159-160