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Exhibition weekend makes makes (without) power

Cordial invitation to the exhibition weekend with concert

makes makes (without) power


Vernissage Friday, November 28, 2014, 7 p.m

Concert Saturday November 29, 2014, 7 p.m

in the AMERLING-HAUS, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Vienna


Power and powerlessness are forces at work in our society.
The possibility of self-empowerment may change the position of the individual
or change by groups.

The current situation, for example in the Ukraine or in the Middle East, makes it all too clear to us how entangled power structures can be and how at the mercy of people.

In the evenings, Friday November 28th and Saturday November 29th, 2014, the artists Stephanie Balih, Ana Zecevic and Hermann Capor will present artistic works on the subject of “Power and powerlessness in our society”. Paintings in oil and acrylic, photography and an installation will be shown.

On Friday the vernissage
and a dance performance by the group Company Klaus instead of.

Will be on Saturday Ana Zečevic and "the knutshers" perform.
The knutshers are Stephanie Balih (voc, git), Alex Dolphin (voc, piano)
and Clemens Langbauer (cajón, per kiss ion).
Ana Zecevic (voc) is performed by Thomas Zech (git) and Sylvain Deslandes (bass)
musically accompanied.

A voluntary music contribution is welcome.


About the artists:


Stephanie Balih

born 1981 in Traunstein/Upper Bavaria

In her paintings, Stephanie Balih mostly deals with the human portrait. Her work is characterized by an expressive style, a colorful palette and an exciting composition. The painting grounds often feel their way into the room. Thematically, the artist leads the viewer into an enigmatic world of images that tell stories.


Ana Zecevic aka ananaz – painting

born 1983, Viennese with Bosnian roots

Power and powerlessness are themes that run like a red thread through Ana Zecevic's work. As a means to an end, she consciously uses a wide variety of stylistic devices. Her pictures provoke, confront and touch.


Herman Capor

born 1948 in Vienna

In recent years, Hermann Capor has increasingly dealt with political and social issues, ranging from the documentation of Muslim living conditions to the social situation in Eastern European families.