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Art on the beer coaster edition 2017 presentation

The academic artist Stephanie Balih created eight motifs for the Zwettler private brewery

PÖGGSTALL/ZWETTL. "The greatest artists painted or sketched their best works of art on serviettes or even beer mats," emphasizes laudator Carl Aigner from the State Museum, emphasizing the importance of restaurant utensils for a special presentation at the Pöggstall state exhibition venue. This is exactly the line of thought that follows Zwettler private brewery for years and gives talented artists a platform in the form of beer coasters.

Balih the first non-cartoonist

For the 22nd edition of the "Art on Beer Mats" campaign, however, a different path was taken for the first time. Instead of caricatures, you will now find portraits of the next two years Artstetten painter Stephanie Balih. She portrayed eight personalities from the exhibition region. “It was six intensive months where I sometimes worked day and night. I also thank my models, who needed a lot of patience,” says Balih, laughing.

Extremely likeable personality

"We didn't just choose Stephanie because of the state show, but because she is an extremely likeable personality and her works of art are something special," explains Zwettler Bier Managing Director Karl Schwarz how the decision was made.

The portrayed themselves, the Artstettner was allowed to portray herself due to a refusal, are enthusiastic about the end product. “Unfortunately, as a beekeeper, you are not so much in the foreground. Thanks to Stephanie, that has changed,” emphasizes Pöggstall beekeeper Stefan Gerstbauer. "I just wanted to tell people's stories with the pictures and I succeeded," beams the painter. By the way: With her "The Knutshers" partner Alex Dolphin, she was allowed to "bless" the guests musically at the event.

Text and photos: Copyright Daniel Butter, district newspapers Melk

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